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Nordkolleg Rendsburg

Acadeny for Cultural Education

Nordkolleg Rendsburg is an academy for cultural education, a conference centre with hotel service and the location of countless cultural societies, organisations and institutions. The academy specialism departments offer seminars and conferences across the themes business of culture, literature and media, language and communication, and music. The conference house is available for events of all type.

The Nordkolleg is stamped with the seal “Service Quality Germany” and is one of only five such conference centres in Germany with five stars in “Child and Youth Travel Quality Management”. As the northernmost member of the “Bibliotels (library hotels)”, the Nordkolleg offers readers a particularly pleasant experience.

Another special draw for guests and visitors of the academy is the park-style Nordkolleg garden. All year round, across 8,000m2 of space, are all manner of blossoming flowers and diverse fruit trees to admire. The inviting seating areas in the quiet corners of the extensive gardens create the finest seminar room of all in the summer. The Nordkolleg lies between the North-Baltic canal and the Eider, in the idyllic “countryside between the seas” at the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.

The academy offers a perfect setting for a combination of learning and relaxation. It is well known far beyond national borders for its networking competence, development and attainment of its targets, along with its pretty gardens and the excellent and oft-praised kitchen. It captures cultural inspiration and involves itself with current discourses on cultural education in Schleswig-Holstein.