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Molyvos International Music Festival 2016, instance from concert at the Castle © Charis Akriviadis

Molyvos International Music Festival 2016, instance from concert at the Castle © Charis Akriviadis


Molyvos International Music Festival

Music inspires -­ Music connects - Music unites


The Molyvos International Music Festival aims to make classical music accessible to people that are less exposed to its cosmos, expanding their horizons. The festival aspires to build bridges that connect people from different cultural, geographical and social backgrounds. It invests in the future by nurturing the mind and the soul of young people, introducing them to world class classical music.


In 2015 a small visionary team of people driven by the love for Molyvos and the island of Lesbos and by the idea and pathos, that music and culture can broaden horizons and bring people together, succeeded in overcoming all possible difficulties and created – against all odds – from scratch the Molyvos International Music Festival. A unique dream has come true!

Within its three years of existence MIMF has already strongly impacted the local community and international visitors. Every August, 20 of the greatest international young talents are joining some of the biggest names in classical music for a four day celebration of world- class classical music, making the festival one of Greece’s most prestigious classical music events.

The festival’s activities extend far beyond the main event in August. In order to reach the most important part of the population, the children, an extensive educational programme is being conducted throughout the year.


is a unique project for the north Aegean region that brings together renowned young soloists creating various ensemble formations especially for the days of the festival. 
The festival has become one of the most important development vehicles of the Greek island of Lesbos, bringing innovation for the region and creating inclusion in different fields, by uniting people through the universal language of music.

Utilising all the beauty, resources and buildings that Molyvos has to offer, the festival features a feast of daytime chamber music concerts culminating in an evening symphonic concert at the Molyvos Castle. Each year explores a different theme.

The Molyvos Musical Moments (MMM)

One special feature of the festival are the so called “Molyvos Musical Moments”. These are short, extraordinary musical interventions (interludes) - free of charge - that take place during the day in various places inside the village, on the beach, in the disco to ensure the entire village is caught up in the festival’s spell of classical music. Imagine that you are sunbathing and suddenly an amazing quartet with exceptional instruments appears from nothing and plays Mozart!

Pre-festival Activities

Events that run before the festival days and are free of charge aiming to involve the community of the whole island. 
Visitors have the opportunity to discover the island of Lesbos and its secrets through a blend of concerts and tours that take place in various locations on the island


1) Educational programme "Music Key": 
It runs throughout the year, aiming to unlock the phantasy, the sensibility, the creativity of children and young people and open new horizons through the magical world of music. It motivates and encourages the children to discover their own personal way of expression as well as the importance of creative cooperation. We established a collaboration with the schools and the teachers. Our musicians visit the schools, explain and interpret works from the classical repertoire live. What makes this programme successful is the spontaneity and impulse the artists have, while talking about their personal experiences in the world of music and their high quality interpretations which speak directly to the heart of the young listeners. 
2679 students have attended this programme since 2015 !!! 
2) Educational programme “MO-TO key”:
In collaboration with the German cultural institution, TONALi, a programme that aims to give children the tools to organise a cultural event by themselves, learning basic project management principles. 
3) Special Young People's Concert:
It brings children directly in contact with the festival's musicians through innovative workshops and narrated mini-concerts - free admission.



Location: Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece
Legal form: non-profit organisation
Founding year: 2015
Impact region: worldwide known
Visitors per year: min. 4000 quality visitors all over the world during the festival days
Events per year: 10 concerts plus education programmes in November/December and March/April
Number of employees: 6 freelancer, 9 volunteers who work throughout the whole year, 30 extra volunteers, who work during the festival days
Sources of financing: Supporters’ fees: 4%, Donations from foundations: 15%, Sponsors: 72%, Tickets: 9%
  • Volunteers with the artists on the stage - August 2016 © Charis Akriviadis
  • Molyvos International Music Festival 2016, instance from the Musical Moments © Daniel Schroeter
  • View of Molyvos © Jean Francois Renaud
  • 3rd Molyvos Festival - Bach Cantata. Copyright: Alex Grymanis.
  • 3rd Molyvos Festival - Closing concert. Copyright: Alex Grymanis.